The Power of Fragrance

All our senses prompt memories but without doubt the most powerful is scent. It’s widely acknowledged that particular fragrances or scents jog our old grey matter and we’re taken back to a place and time. This according to the Scientists, it is due to a direct correlation between the emotional part of our brain and sense of smell. So whether it’s the smell of sea air or the combination of cinnamon and orange that triggers your memory bank, it can be a very pleasant diversion to your daily life. As a result, a lovely scented candle is a great way of providing our own little emotional pick me up.

Aside from memory inducing powers, scent can also offer some pretty significant benefits for our body and mind. We’re probably all familiar with Lavender being recognised as great to calm and relax us however what about some of the others outlined in the table below:

Source FragranceBenefit Willow & White CC.
Fragrance Match
CinnamonBoosts brain power, recognised to improve cognitive functions such as attention span and working memoryWinter
Pine Aids relaxation and alleviates stress levels and depression Blackberry & Bay
Citrus - Lemon/Orange, Grapefruit/Mandarin/Tangerine/NeroliEnergising, boosts energy and alertness levelsLemongrass & Ginger
Basil & Neroli Blossom
Pear & Freesia
Lime Basil & Mandarin
Eucalyptus Lemon & Mint
Amber & Lavender
Vanilla Promotes relaxation and calmness. Improving overall mood and happiness levelsAmber & Lavender
Peppermint Improves cognitive stamina, motivation and overall performanceEucalyptus Lemon & Mint
Jasmine Eases depression and uplifts overall moodBasil & Neroli Blossom
Sage Soothes nervous system and lightens moodSea Salt & Wood Sage
Cedarwood Calming effect on nervous system, aids confidence levelsSea Salt & Wood Sage
Basil & Neroli Blossom
Lavender Relaxes and calms the body and mind , aids sleep Amber & Lavender
Nutmeg & Ginger
Cardamon Calming, suppressing anger and frustration Pomegranate
Lemongrass & Ginger
Nutmeg & Ginger

Autumn’s Here…….it’s candle time!

Autumn can be one of the most beautiful seasons, especially if we overlook the brief visitations of Hurricane Ophelia and Storm Brian over the past few weeks. The colours on these glorious autumnal days are just stunning and great for treks in the outdoors. So time for layering and looking out the winter staples of woolies and boots again.

It’s also time to want to get back indoors and cosy up and create our own little homely havens, known these days as HYGGE living! The Danes have embraced this way of living for many years however it’s fair to say we’re rapidly following in their footsteps. Hygge is described as wellbeing and in essence creating comfortable, stylish (but not fussy or twee) and inviting homes to share with family and friends. Candles are acknowldged as one of the key components to creating this special living space and in particular scented candles.

Aroma or smell from a candle can bring a flood of memories e.g. our Winter scented candle is a real winner as it reminds so many people of Christmas with the blend of orange, cinnamon and cloves in the oil. Similarly our Eucalyptus Lemon and Mint is another favourite reminding our customers of  calming and soothing Spas, with all the blended herbal ingredients.

So why not make time to create your own little haven and whether that’s a cosy get together for friends or family over some sharing platters or a bit of me time curled up on the sofa with a good book or box set, light a few candles to enjoy the full hygge feeling!




August News

August already, with only the odd fleeting visit from Mr Sunshine during the School holidays! Gosh, British Summertime can be pretty damp and erratic. We get all the TV adds showing glorious summer garden parties, beach scenes and alfresco eating however the reality of living on these shores is somewhat different and you have to grasp each window of sunshine!

We managed to fit in a bit of chill time during the holiday season and are now back in the driving seat making plans and getting our stock levels back up again. So Susie has been on full production over past couple of weeks as we kick off a number of events and developments across our wee business. So here’s some headline details of what’s been happening at Willow & White CC:

Spring Update from Willow & White CC. HQ

We’ve somewhat overlooked our Blog updates of late. So with radio silence from Willow & White HQ since our last post on living the HYGGE way, we thought it was high time we got an update posted so here goes…..

It’s been a fun packed busy few months as we further promote the Willow & White CC. brand and get more and more candle fans converted to our range. All the positive feedback and recommendations have been great and validate our passion and belief that we’re on the right tracks. So what exactly has kept us so busy, here’s a little insight…….

  • Introduction of Pomelo to our range, a fabulous zesty citrus mix to awaken the senses
  • Photo shoot with Black Fox Photography and addition of some rather stylish images to improve upon our snaps!  See what we mean below……
  • Our travel votives, now available in sets or singles making a name for themselves on Instagram under #travelswithmyvotive. These little chaps are popping up in the most amazing locations.
  • Our Sea Salt & Woodsage fragrance included on Channel Mums’ Mrs Meldrum March Favourites . Mrs Meldrum is a leading Family and Lifestyle Blogger, so thrilled to be featured on her monthly picks.

Luxury hand poured soy wax candles blended with fragranced oils

Time to Deck the Halls….with Natural Soy Candles


December is racing on and I can’t believe we’re already one week in. It’s so nice to see Christmas lights and decorations appearing across the country making drives home in the dark so much more interesting as you catch a brief glimpse into Christmas “Ready” homes.
This year I’m making a big effort to tone down the usual Christmas bling I trail out each year. You know what I’m talking about e.g. tinsel garlands, garish baubles, glitter endowed ornaments etc and instead trying to incorporate a bit more of natural angle. So with this vision in mind, I’ve been out and about basically scavenging in the hedgerows picking up pine cones, ivy, eucalyptus and holly (preferably the male variety with the red berries!)
I’m taking it easy so far and gradually “Christmasfying” the house and, dare i say it, reasonably pleased with the results thus far albeit any half decent Interior Designer or Flower Arranger would, I’m sure, roll their eyes at my efforts! As you will see from pics above, i’m also incorporating our natural soy wax candles, so a visual and aromatic feast! Great fragrances for this time of year are Winter, Nutmeg & Ginger, Pomegranate and Eucalyptus, Lemon & Mint. All particularly warm and inviting fragrances to compliment the home.

Christmas Candle Hampers

I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting to opening my kitchen cupboards and finding little tins of pate or even a mini boxed christmas pud which should have been used by July ! Christmas food hampers look superb but are they really filled with goodies we all love? Or is there always something which ends up in the cupboard quite out of place alongside our staple supply of tinned beans and tomatoes?

Why not consider a Candle Hamper instead?  Each wicker basket is made to order based on fragrance, product/s and budget. So something to suit everyone!

To gain further information please contact us……


Why Soy Wax ?

It’s been a busy few months for Susie and I at Willow & White. From our soft launch earlier in the year, we’ve been working away to get the business established. So busy busy with the web site, developing our product range, market testing etc etc. Our “to do” list seems to keep growing however it’s all good and we’re loving it!

Our passion to market the most stylish of soy candles blended with carefully selected fragranced oils continues to drive our activity. The more we dig into the ranges of High Street products, predominantly made from paraffin wax, the stronger we feel about soy and why it should be the wax of choice for all serious candle lovers.

As you may have noted in our Benefits & Care Page, we summarise the benefits of soy rather than listing the nasties paraffin wax produces. However it’s not just Willow & White who are flying the flag for soy over paraffin wax. A quick check on the old world wide web will testify, that for those of us who consciously want to savour the joy and pleasure of candles without introducing even more toxins to the home, soy is the answer. Really who wants to be burning by-products from the petroleum industry??

For those wishing to gain further insight, the following links may be of interest……..