Time to Deck the Halls….with Natural Soy Candles


December is racing on and I can’t believe we’re already one week in. It’s so nice to see Christmas lights and decorations appearing across the country making drives home in the dark so much more interesting as you catch a brief glimpse into Christmas “Ready” homes.
This year I’m making a big effort to tone down the usual Christmas bling I trail out each year. You know what I’m talking about e.g. tinsel garlands, garish baubles, glitter endowed ornaments etc and instead trying to incorporate a bit more of natural angle. So with this vision in mind, I’ve been out and about basically scavenging in the hedgerows picking up pine cones, ivy, eucalyptus and holly (preferably the male variety with the red berries!)
I’m taking it easy so far and gradually “Christmasfying” the house and, dare i say it, reasonably pleased with the results thus far albeit any half decent Interior Designer or Flower Arranger would, I’m sure, roll their eyes at my efforts! As you will see from pics above, i’m also incorporating our natural soy wax candles, so a visual and aromatic feast! Great fragrances for this time of year are Winter, Nutmeg & Ginger, Pomegranate and Eucalyptus, Lemon & Mint. All particularly warm and inviting fragrances to compliment the home.

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