Why Soy Wax ?

It’s been a busy few months for Susie and I at Willow & White. From our soft launch earlier in the year, we’ve been working away to get the business established. So busy busy with the web site, developing our product range, market testing etc etc. Our “to do” list seems to keep growing however it’s all good and we’re loving it!

Our passion to market the most stylish of soy candles blended with carefully selected fragranced oils continues to drive our activity. The more we dig into the ranges of High Street products, predominantly made from paraffin wax, the stronger we feel about soy and why it should be the wax of choice for all serious candle lovers.

As you may have noted in our Benefits & Care Page, we summarise the benefits of soy rather than listing the nasties paraffin wax produces. However it’s not just Willow & White who are flying the flag for soy over paraffin wax. A quick check on the old world wide web will testify, that for those of us who consciously want to savour the joy and pleasure of candles without introducing even more toxins to the home, soy is the answer. Really who wants to be burning by-products from the petroleum industry??

For those wishing to gain further insight, the following links may be of interest……..




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